Basic Waxing

Learn how to safely apply waxing treatments with our professional hair removal courses. We offer regular accelerated programs that cover the basics of facial and body waxing.  We provide a hands-on learning experience, where students are given the opportunity to practice on live models.

Our professional waxing courses are run by a team of experienced beauty therapists. With a wealth of expertise and knowledge in this area, they will teach you how to remove unwanted hair quickly, efficiently and painlessly.

Our Waxing Course consists of:
  • How to use Hard wax, hot wax, cartridge wax.
  • Managing a waxing service.
  • Preparation of hair removal
  • Contraindications and Consultation
  • Procedure
  • Aftercare advise
  • Theory Notes
Hands-On Learning and Practice

Students are given the chance to put theoretical concepts into practice. They are taught how to correctly apply hot and strip wax treatments on a wide range of areas.

Various wax treatments (depending on model requirements) consisting of:

  • Waxing Brows
  • Full face wax
  • Underarms wax
  • Bikini wax
  • Legs wax
  • Arms wax
Products and Tools Supplied for use during the course include:

We supply all the equipment required to complete this course. We ensure that our students have access to the best possible resources by providing high-quality wax and after-care products.

Model: You will have to bring your own model when required.

DURATION: 2 DAYS  (4 hours  a day)

FEE (without starter kit): $750 plus GST

Starter kit includes (All worth $225)

FEE (with starter kit)  :$900 plus GST

Waxing pot – 1

Hot wax  1kg – 1

Spatula mix of diff sizes -100 no’s

After wax lotion 100 ml -1

Before wax lotion 100 ml -1

Single cartridge system -1

Cartridges – 2

Wax strip pack of 100 strips

Deposit: $375 plus GST.

Certificate of completion will be provided.

For full details and further information, please contact Bindu Grover –