It gives you a refreshed feel and replenishes your skin in the process, giving it a lighter, more livelier tone. With herbal nutrients infused in our Natural herbal bleach , it’s is very gentle on your face and body. It lightens your facial hair and the skin tone of your face and body.

• Reduces dark spots. Face bleaching treatments can help in reducing dark spots on the skin effectively.
• Evens out skin tone. Lightening the skin can even out your skin tone by reducing the spots of hyperpigmentation, such as sun spots and tanning.
• Face looks brighter.
• Hide unwanted hair.


Treatments Cost
Herbal / Turmeric Face Bleach $35
Gold / Diamond Face Bleach $35
Fruit / Oxygen Bleach $35
Tanned Honey and Milk Bleach (Organic) $40
Skin Whitening Bleach Full Face Bleach post Soothing Mask $50
Under Arms Bleach $25
Half Back Bleach $40
Full Back Bleach $65
Stomach Bleach $40
Full Body Bleach(including face) $200


Treatments Cost
Glow Mask $25