Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is not just application of pressure with the thumb over the various points of feet but it is also a massage of feet in such a manner so that person can relax and enjoy the sensual experience of feet massage. Thumb and finger pressure is used on reflex points of the feet, which stimulates the energy flow to specific organs and structures in the body, assisting them to function better. A sole to soul foot revival.

  1. It is the best relaxation technique, which calms the mind and improves mental capacity.
  2. As above stated, it also improves the eyesight.
  3. It alleviates pain of feet and heels.
  4. It relieves the tiredness of the feet and improves blood circulation.

Indian Head Oil Massage

A nourishing and de-stressing head, neck & shoulder massage that releases deep seated muscular tension. Additionally the natural ayurvedic oils nourish the scalp, promoting hair growth . Helps to alleviate stress and migraine.  The head massage induces a state of calm, peace and tranquility and promotes high levels of alertness and Concentration. Deep Conditioning Treatment for Hair. 

Lower leg & foot massage.

The lukewarm  oil is liberally applied to the feet, including soles, heel , ankle joint and legs.The oil is then rubbed energetically into the whole joint including he bones of the joint and tendon.The massage is done with hands by applying moderate pressure in circular motions. The energy  points are massaged with ultimate care to ensure that they are activated. The toxins are elimination of negative energy. The whole massage lasts for about half an hour.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

It combines pressure points massage with the rhythmic sweeping application of warming oils. Ideal  for back ache, muscle tension and nourishment to the tissues. This delightful massage along with our luxuriously ayurvedic oils relieves the build-up of tension and leaves you relaxed and calm.

Indian Head Oil Massage and Full Body Massage

It is full body energy flow massage – an ancient therapy using warm oils and yogic stretches to the joints.  Good for relaxation, improving the skin conditions, relieving pain. A beautifully nourishing and rejuvenating experience. Warm herbal oils are used to  relieve fatigue, provide stamina, promote longevity and nourish all parts of the body. Your body is skillfully massaged to regulate the energy flow and return your body to balance and harmony. 

Swedish Full Body Massage

Light to medium pressure, promotes circulation and lymph movement. Good for stress related conditions and chronic pays.

Back Cleanse

Includes  cleansing, exfoliation, steam, back massage, mask, tone and moisturizing. Good for a deep cleansing treatment. Ideal for cleaning blocked pores and improving skin textures.

Body Scrub

An exclusive body and skin enhancing treatment which can be used in isolation to remove dead or dry skin or as a preparation massage, body wraps or tanning treatments. Involved full body exfoliation, following a light body brushing . The treatment is completed with an application of warmed body lotion.

Back Scrub

Includes cleansing, exfoliating, massage & mask. A powerful treatment for texturizing the skin. Sugar scrub makes the skin clear, smooth, and free from blemishes.