Volume Lash Extension Training

Pre-requirement classic training

Have you mastered the art of Classic Lashes and want to push yourself further in the Lash Industry? Then Hybrid Lashes is your next course. We will teach you all the skills needed to provide your customers with this hugely popular eyelash extension treatment.


This course is for lash artists who have completed classic training or hybrid training and want to upskill and learn volume lash extensions. This is the most sought after service but requires lots of skill and patience.
– 2 pairs of tweezers (bootleg volume tweezers or angled tweezers)
– 9-13mm length trays of pre made 4D or 5D or 6D
– x1 White Tile
– Lash glue 2 or 3 types for different humidities
– x30 pack under eye pads
– x1 eyelash glue remover
– x50 pack disposable mascara wands
– x50 pack disposable lip gloss wands
– x30 pack lash cleansing wipes
– x1 mini fan
– x30 pack glue ring
– x1 micropore eye tape

 Duration of the course : 2 Days – (theory and mannequin practice on day 1, model & feedback on day 2) Cost including kit $2000 plus gst

For full details and further information, please contact Bindu Grover – mailto:training@bindu.co.nz



With Starter Kit, Without Starter Kit