Shahnaz Husain De Pigmentation Treatment Home Care Pack


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ShaFair Night Cream – 40 gms 

Shahnaz Husain’s SHAFAIR PLUS is a highly exclusive, clinically tested formulation and has been specially reinforced with organic ingredients to minimize blemishes and lighten skin color. Containing carrot seed, vetiver and rose extract, along with chironji and almond oil, it helps to reduce dark spots and patches.

  • Improves the texture of sun-damaged skin, achieving an even colour tone.
  • Enhances the beauty of the skin, making it soft, smooth, fair and radiant.
  • Reduces dark spots & patches
  • Minimize blemishes and lightens skin colour


Shablem Plus Blemish Cover Cream – 25 Gms.

Shablem Plus contains the goodness of lemon oil and tulsi oil. It has been specially formulated to provide a smooth and even colour tone. Helps to minimize scars and blemishes like dark spots and patches, restoring the natural beauty of the skin.

  • A highly effective & clinically tested cream.
  • Minimizes scars, blemishes, dark spots & patches
  • Regular use ensures a smooth & even skin.
  • Color — White
  • Non-absorbent in nature.

Wash the area with water. Apply on scars and blemishes at night. Leave it on overnight. Next morning wipe it off with Shamint.

Shahnaz Husain Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion – 100 mls

Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion A natural de-pigmenting treatment, consisting of a rare blend of extracts that help remove skin blemishes and pigmentation Maintains the natural acid mantle and the good health of the skin. The lotion is specially formulated for the treatment of blemishes, like dark patches and freckles.


Removes dead skin cells and produces even colour tone
Makes the skin appear bright, fair and free from blemishes

Method of Use: Cleanse skin with SHAROSE, using moist cotton wool. Apply on areas of the skin, avoiding eyes, lips and hair.


  • Mahuva Extract
  • Neem Extract
  • Jamun Beej Extract
  • Chameli Pushp Extract
  • Chandan Extract