Shahnaz Husain Body Care Cleanser Sea Wave Soap 100gms (Anti Acne, Pimple Body Soap)


About this product:

Oxygen Sea Wave Soap is a natural body cleanser which has been made from the ingredients of precious plant extracts to refresh and revive the skin. It is specially designed to create an oxygen layer over the skin. This natural body cleanser has anti-bacterial properties which leaves the body pure, clean and fresh, without disturbing the natural skin balance.


  • Oxygen Sea Wave Soap creates an oxygen layer in the skin.
  • It also helps to counteract the effects of pollution and chlorinated water.
  • Natural Body Cleanser is blue in color.


Nariyal Tel, Arishtak Ext., Tulsi Ext., Arandi Tel.

$18.00 $12.60

Method of Use

  • Apply all over face, neck, and hands and leave on.