Threading,Brow Mapping and Shaping 3 Days Course

This course will cover the ancient Indian technique of Art of Threading that can be used to create THE PERFECT BROWS and normal hair removal.

Course Content

Day 1

What is threading

    • How Threading is different from waxing or tweezing
    • Basics of threading; what materials you need, how to prepare the brows for threading, how to position yourself.
    • Contra-indications & Client Consultation
    • How to prepare yourself, client, and equipment setup for threading application.
    • Principles and methods of Threading – including in the mouth and in the hand methods
    • Full face, top lip areas including self-threading.

Day 2

Perfect Brow Shaping is practiced with Brow Mapping.

    • Angles are shown to position yourself to work efficiently.
    • Efficiency to create a perfect line for defined brows.
    • How to shape using threading
    • How to choose a brow shape to match your client’s face and accentuate their natural beauty.
    • How to market another service to your existing clients and the benefits of it.
    • How to dress the brows at the end to create Perfect Brows.
    • Brow correction
    • Hygiene and Sanitation
    • Aftercare information


Introduction :

Discover the secrets to achieving flawless Eyebrows with our Threading, Brow Mapping,and shaping Course.Whether YOU are a beginner or an experienced beauty professional, this comprehensive training program will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to master the art of brow enhancement,

Course Highlights:

-Learn the ancient art of threading, a precise and effiecient hair removal technique.

-Master the art of brow mapping, a crucial step in creating symeetrical and well defined eyebrows.

-Acquire the skkills to shape eyebroed according to diffrent face shapes and client prefrences.

-Explore various toold and products used in brow enhancement,including thread, scissors, brow products.

-Gain hands on exprience through practical exercises and real life case studies.

-Receive persoanlised guidance and feedback from our Trainer Bindu Grover.


Training plus kit: $1300 +GST

Starter Kit Includes

    • One spool thread
    • One tweezer
    • One pair of scissors
    • One dual brush
    • One hand-held mirror
    • Brow Mapping Pencil -1
    • Aloevera gel -100 gms -1

Duration: 3 Days – 5-6  hours class per day.

Everything you need to learn about this treatment is included in this course.

Model: You will have to bring your own model when required, we can assist in finding the model too.

Duration of the course:  3 days – 5-6 hours per day.

For full details and further information, please contact Bindu Grover –


With Starter Kit, Without Starter Kit