Keratin Training

Organic Keratin Smoothening
(Look and Learn Class)

Course Content will include

• Master all the categories of the treatments and the procedures
• Get a list of precautions for each treatment
• Find out how long the treatments last, what can affect it, and how to prolong it
• You will learn some secret of mixing formulas

• Learn about formaldehyde & harmful ingredients
• Learn how does formaldehyde affects our health
• Client’s consultation
• Learn how to hear your client and not only listen
• Learn how to choose the right treatment based on the client’s desire vs hair damage
• Learn how to determine precautions for the procedure
• Learn who is the best client for this type of the treatment
• Learn what its benefits
• Learn how to seal the hair correctly: the number of passes & temperature settings
• Learn about mixing formulas


Home care maintenance
• Learn about prohibited ingredients
• Home care importance
• Learn how to choose the right home care
• Learn how to educate your clients about home care products
• Learn how to calculate your profit
• Learn how to choose a price point for your services correctly
• Learn how to sell home care correctly
Practice: Washing & Drying Hair
• Learn how to properly wash the hair & prepare them for the treatment
• Learn how to choose the right clarifying shampoo
• Learn how to divide your hair into sections
• Learn how to dry hair properly
• Learn to work with a round brush
Practice: Application Techniques
• Learn how to apply the product
• Learn how to economically use the product and what happens if you applied too much or too little
• You will understand why some clients complain about oily hair
• Learn how to speed up your work and shorten the procedure time
Practice: Sealing process
• Learn how to seal the hair correctly: the number of passes, the position of the straightening, how to properly seal the ends & work close to the roots
• Learn different sealing approach depending on its procedure
• Learn step by step instructions for each treatment

Fee :$750 plus Gst

It will take a minimum of 4-5  hours


Pre Keratin Shampoo -1 ltr
Keratin Treatment – 1 ltr

Starter Kit -$499

For full details and further information, please contact Bindu Grover –


With Starter Kit, Without Starter Kit