Kera Organica Sets (Daily Shampoo + Daily Conditioner) 150mls each



Daily Conditioner: 150 ml

Add Shine and luster.
Moisturize Hair.
Repair hair.
A must have after Kera Organica Reform Systrm.
Use after keratin treatment.
Massage into hair after shampooing with Kera Organica.
Reform System Daily Shampoo,and then rinse.

Daily Shampoo:150 ml

Cleans and Shine.
Exclusing Moisturizing Formula.
A must have after Kera Organica Reform System.
Use after Keratin treatment.
It’s highly recommended to use the Daily Shampoo.
after set period. Massage into wet hair and scalp.
Rinse. For the best results, follow with KeraOrganica
Daily Conditioner, then rinse.


15ml, 30ml