Kera Organica Purifying Shampoo – 1 ltr


Deep-cleans and Shines.

*Exclusive Moisturizing Formula that Opens.

cuticle for better straightening results.

*Deep-cleans hair cuticle removing all residues.

and impurities.


It’s highly recommended to use Kera Organica.

Purifying Shampoo prior to Reform System.

Application: 1. Analyse the client hair type first.

2.Shampoo with KeraOrganica Purifying Shampoo thoroughly, then rinse.

3.Blow the hair until 80 % dry.

4.Details when apply KeraOrganica :

A: If the hair is already smooth, and you just want the hair to be straight , use KeraOrganica Shape Booster

B: If the hair is already straight, and you just want the hair to be smooth, use KeraOrganica Smooth Booster.

C: If you need the hair to be both straight and smooth, mix KeraOrganica Shape Booster and Smooth Booster together Ratio 4:1 (or to adjust the ratio according to how Straight and Smooth you want to be)

5. Apply on the hair from root to the middle then ends (attention: please leave the treatment off Scalp).

6. Process for 30 mins without heat.

7. Don’t rinse for better result .

8.Blow dry hair 100 % then section hair in thin sections (around 1/4 inch sections) For Resistant Hair & Normal  Hair  – 200 to 230 ℃( Clip 7 times ) Chemicals Hair -max 180℃( Clip 5 times) Dry spit ends – max 170℃( Clip 3 times )

9.For better result, rinse with KeraOrganica Daily Shampoo and KeraOrganica Daily Conditioner



15ml, 30ml