Eyelash Cleaning brush with Soft Bristles


Eyelash Cleaning Brush Description:
-Designed for eyelash and facial skin specially.
-The brush helps you clean your dirt, sebum,eyelash and makeup residue
-Deep cleaning on eyelash, eyes and lips
-Ultra-fine microfiber soft hair, reduce friction with the skin irritation
-Mini size fine pore clear brush for eyelash area which is difficult to wash with brush
-Perfect for nose and facial washing
-Best Lash Cleanser Foam tools
Material: Soft Fine Fiber
Color: White.
Brush handle length: About 10cm

How to Use:
Wet the brush with water and rub with cleanser(any type) to make mild lather.
Gently rub on eyelash.
After use, wash the brush clearly and hang on to dry.