EyeBrow Thread 8 Spools Box (Organic Thread ) -6 boxes


1 box (8 spools of thread)

Total – 48 Spools .

World’s first organic thread.

Strength for eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sides and other small areas.
100% Organic & Anti Bacterial.

Organica is made using organic cotton and is a skin-friendly thread.
No harmful chemicals or substances are used.
High strength & Extra Long staple length cotton is used to ensure less breakage. It has a uniform structure to provide strength, extensibility and smoothness on skin.

Key Features:-

– Eyebrow & Facial Hair Threading Thread
– Each Spool 300 meters
– Made using Indian organic cotton, Global Organic Textile Standard Certified
– No harmful chemicals or dyes are used and is an eco-friendly skin-friendly thread
– ideal for beauticians who hold the thread in the mouth while threading method
– Organica cotton is made without using any chemicals on a land that has been chemically free for at least 3 years
– Organica is an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical product.
– Thread is pastel green on a green spool to show your clients you are using an organic product