Brow Henna Training

Brow Henna Training

Henna brow tinting is an in-demand treatment, particularly for those with sensitive skin, who are looking to avoid the use of traditional dyes and pigments. Our henna brow course price includes a take-home Kit.

Henna brow tinting involves the application of henna to the eyebrows. Henna has been used for centuries as a hair dye and in temporary tattooing and has more recently become a popular option for eyebrow tinting.

Many clients prefer henna as it’s a natural pigment, perfect for sensitive skin, is only temporary (lasts up to 14 days on the skin & 4-6 weeks on the hair) and doesn’t involve any pain or downtime. The results are typically defined eyebrows that appear natural and require very little maintenance.



  • Encourages new hair growth
  • conditions the hair making it appear shinier and healthier
  • is perfect for resistant grey &white brows
  • provides patch coverage
  • is ideal for clients not wanting to get eyebrow tattooing done
  • contains no ammonia or peroxide
  • lasts up to 10-12days on the skin & 4-6 weeks on the hair

Course Content

In our Henna Brow Training Course, you will learn how to perform this exciting new procedure under the instruction of our expert trainers. You will receive in-depth training on theory and technique, helping you become proficient and confident in the art of henna brow.

Your henna eyebrow training begins with a theory session with your trainer where you will have time to go through Theory and you will get to watch your trainer do a live demonstration on a model after which you will get to practice on a model.

  • Training plus kit: $475 Plus Gst (includes complimentary Brow Henna Kit valued at $250)
    • Everything you need to learn about this treatment is included in this course.
    • Kit Includes (Manual, Two-phase Tonic 30 mls, Mineral solution 30mls, Brow Shampoo 30mls, 2 vials 10 mls ( Brunnette and Blonde Shades)

Model : You will have to bring your own model if required.

Duration of the course : 3 hours

Bonus : 10% off all non-sale Brow Henna products on the day.

For full details and further information, please contact Bindu Grover –



With Starter Kit, Without Starter Kit